Mirrorless Safety Windshield System


Three key components of MSWS

Heads-Up Mirror

MSWS alleviates removal of all of the mirrors in the car, substituting them with a screen streaming the picture stitched from the rear cameras

Real-time Stitching

A set of modern computer vision algorithms makes it possible to stitch video stream captured by cameras from three different locations

Follow-Up System

Speed, distance, and arrival time estimation of the approaching cars makes the journey safer

Innovation Award

MSWS won the second prize for a connected system reinforcing traffic safety and combining the three mirrors in a car into a single wide screen display in a contest among 1325 teams from 1037 universities

Team Auto Gen Z

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Igor Vozniak

Production Manager
Igor obtained three higher degrees in IT in Ukraine and Germany. Due to more than 7 years of managing and business experience he is predestined for his position. He is now approaching a Ph.D. in the automotive at DFKI.
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Nikolai Zhukov

Project Manager
Nikolai has extensive experience in information systems and various international projects. His main interests – business, IT and innovations – earn him this position
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Oleksandr Sotnychenko

Computer Graphics Expert
Oleksandr studied Computer Graphics at the UdS and gathered remarkable experience in development of graphics applications proven by a winner place in Valeo competition in 2015
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Dmitri Valeri Panfilenko

Research Professional
Dmitri studied business administration, financial mathematics and information systems in Ukraine and Germany and worked at DFKI since 2008, yielding the experience and a PhD for the position
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Nikita Vedeneev

CG Developer, Machine Learning expert
Nikita has strong CG development background. He creates a working backbone for the team by implementing and testing new ideas for the algorithms

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